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(Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) is an interface specification developed by Adaptec, Inc., Milpitas, CA, that provides a common language between drivers and SCSI host adapters. Drivers written to the ASPI interface can access peripherals that reside on different versions of SCSI host adapter hardware.

The ASPI Manager is the software that supports the ASPI interface. ASPI drivers call ASPI functions to access SCSI peripherals. The ASPI Manager for the SCSI host adapter processes these function calls and generates the appropriate SCSI commands to the SCSI peripherals.

Some ASPI are available on the net, but both have limitations :
- You must have materials from a specific brand (Adaptec)
- You can't use it with writing softwares (Ahead)
- Doesn't support correctly USB/Firewire drives...

For all these reasons, I've decided to write my own ASPI manager, and to distribute it freely without any usage limitation.

FrogAspi is a FREE replacement of wnaspi32.dll.


petition anti-DADVSI

Petition anti DADVSI Project (France)

Usually, i don't write about politics and laws!
I'm currently living in France, and a project law, the DADVSI project, will be voted on december 21st and 22nd.

This one will:
- legitimate technical devices of control of use and tracing (technical measurements) installed by editors and producers on digital media (CD, DVD, etc), in software, electronic hardware and multimedia files;
- remove the right of private copy and drastically restrict the usage of digital media
- impose the cost of technical measurements preventing private copies on the customers, while preserving the royalties on digital media paid for private copies
- penalize the diffusion of technical information allowing to include/understand the operation of technical measurements;
- to penalize the use, the development and the diffusion of free software.

Imagine a world where we can't provide any source code... where companies make laws, where they can spy on what you do, which film you're watching; where you can't use any free web server or exchange data through your personal ftp server...
It's maybe the new world french people will discover in january if this law is passed!

So french people must sign this petition against DADVSI project!

More information here : http://www.eucd.info/153.shtml

petition anti-DADVSI