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Frog Aspi - FAQ

Why have you created FrogAspi?

I needed an ASPI driver for programs I had written.
At first I used ASPIs available on the internet, but each one had errors or restrictions.
For example:
- Adaptec ASPI, the original one, handles usb\firewire drives very badly and installs a lot of files
- Nero ASPI, the reference one, has been developed by professionals for many years. The "problem" is that it has a licence restriction: it can't be used with other writing software.

Which are the other Aspi ?

- Adaptec
- GoldenHawk
- Nero
- Poikosoft

Does FrogAspi supports Windows 9x ?

Firstly, Microsoft doesn't offer technical support for this system anymore.
For stability reasons, Windows 2000 or XP are recommended.
FrogAspi is based on the SCSI Pass Through Interface (SPTI). This protocol is native on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. So FrogAspi is supported by these systems.
Secondly, due to the complexity of driver development on Windows 9X, and ... less stability, we didn't want to spend weeks on research about this problem.
However, any developer wanting to join the project and adapt FrogAspi to Windows 9x is welcome to do so.

Utility of FrogAspi ?

Since Windows 2000, the communication with devices is more complex.
Writing a communciation engine, using SPTI, requires many many hours of work.
With FrogAspi, it's useless to recode all that. Just use your actual SCSI commands and send them to FrogAspi.
Another point, but not the least: FrogASPI is FREEWARE. You can copy it, distribute it without any limitation.
However, to help the project, we ask you to inform us which project you are using FrogAspi with.

Is FrogAspi Compatible with other Aspi ?

of course.
Standard Aspi files use only 2 functions: GetAspiSupportInfo and SendAspi32Command.
To help developers, I've created additional functions that are present in other well known ASPIs.

Some softwares as wellknown CD copy tools, have their own driver. What's the difference with FrogAspi?

It's very hard to explain... if you're not a developer...
At the base, all these engines are common. They serve as link between the software, the NT kernel for the SPTI communication, and devices.
Each engine is specific to its own company, and can't be used by others. The engines are accessible only for each dedicated program.
For additional functionality: right administrators, to block certain functions (ex: detection of the type of inserted media: Cd-R or cdrom), this engine is coded as a driver.
this driver is loaded directly with the kernel and influences it... although the driver is supposed to be accessible only to its program.
Driver programming is reserved only to very experienced developers.
Well, imagine you are using the softwares X,Y,Z.... and that the X driver interacts with the Y one... the system is unstable!
For these reasons, I decided to use an easier solution, accessible to all programs: the engine is in a library. Every program can communicate with devices, using the ASPI protocol, with frogASPI.

Is FrogAspi open-source?

I've seen to many companies using open source project, and not thank the author or not tell him modifactions.
For these reasons I prefer not purpose source code, for FREE.

Should I install Adaptec Aspi before installing FrogAspi?

FrogAspi is an independant Aspi layer.
Programs which used an aspi, check only if wnaspi32.dll is present. So you don't have to install an other aspi! just copy FrogAspi (wnaspi32.dll) into your program directory or into C:\Windows\System32 directory

Is FrogAspi compatible with 64bit systems?

Personally I don't have any 64bits processor.
So I can't test FrogAspi on these systems.

But I receive this mail, that tells FrogAspi is working on a Windows XP 64 bit system :

I have to thank you so much, because i bought a DVD burner and Nero hasn't found ANY drives in my computer.
Without your aspi driver i might have a real problem...
With the Nero wnaspi32.dll nothing happended.